Grass Fed Full Hogget Pack
Grass Fed Full Hogget Pack

Grass Fed Full Hogget Pack

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Grass Fed Hogget Packs: Minimum weight 20kg, just $364

Limited numbers only.

Ever tried a hogget?  They can certainly be a real treat, not to mention BARGAIN at $364 each. Hogget for those who don’t know is a lamb whose front 2 milk teeth have been replaced with adult teeth and are just over 12 months old. They are usually a little richer in flavour, not quite as tender and carry some extra fat, some of our customers request these and believe they are better eating.

Butchered as a traditional cuts pack and includes; Leg Roasts x 2, Shanks x 2, Shoulder Chops, Whole Shoulder Roast, Rack and Cutlets, Chump Chops, Loin Chops, Neck Chops, Rib Racks x 2, 2kg Sausages plus all offcuts that are trimmed off for soup or your pet.

Please note hogget purchase will arrive with Mudgee LAMB labels.