Cowboy Cut Ribeye

Cowboy Cut Ribeye

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Cowboy Cut Ribeye - Otherwise known as Bone in Ribeye or Standing Rib Roast.

Big and juicy, and definitely my favourite yearling beef cut of all time. Perfect for the BBQ, a reverse sear, grill or baked and the ultimate shared steak or one fitting the biggest of appetites.

Why is it a Cowboy Cut Ribeye? they say its because cowboys would hold on to the bone like a handle to eat it or maybe its because thick-cut ribeyes are big, hearty, and ultra-rugged, ensuring they would satisfy any hard-working cowboy's appetite. 

You don’t have to be a Cowboy to enjoy one but at $44/kg you can have one on a Cowboys budget.

Steaks are an average of 600g so will put two together to make up to 1kg (approx), its the perfect his and hers pack I guess. 

Option is available to be supplied as a 2 pin standing roast, or buy multiples for a 4, 6 or 8 pin.

For a limited time.