Freezer Filler

Freezer Filler

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The big daddy of all packs and perfect to fill that freezer - Normally $1132 Your freezer now filled for ONLY $1079.

Grass Fed Full Lamb Pack: Min 18kg, Valued at $354.

Butchered as a traditional cuts pack and includes; Leg Roasts x 2, Shanks x 2, Shoulder Chops, Whole Shoulder Roast, Rack and Cutlets, Chump Chops, Loin Chops, Neck Chops, Rib Racks x 2, 2kg Sausages plus all offcuts that are trimmed off for soup or your pet.

Pork Side Pack. Minimum 20kg Valued at $339.

Includes; Forequarter Chops, Cutlets, Loin Chops, Leg Chops, Spare Ribs, 3 x Pork Roasts, Pork Belly, 1kg Diced Pork, 1kg Pork Mince and 1kg Pork Sausages.

Yearling Beef Quarter Side Pack. Minimum 18kg just Valued at $374

Includes; Scotch Fillet Steaks x 2, TBones Steaks x 2, Porterhouse Steaks x 2, Rump Steaks x 4, BBQ Blade Steaks x 2, Boneless Blade Steaks x 2, Round Steaks x 2, Osso Bucco, Rolled Roast, Topside Roast, Silverside Roast, 2kg Diced Beef, 3kg Mince & 3kg Sausages. Plus offcuts that are trimmed off for soup or your pet.

Chicken Pack. Minimum 6.8kg just Valued at $64.95

Includes; Whole size 18 bird, 1kg Breast fillet, 1kg Thighs, 1kg Legs, 2kg Wings!