Grass Fed Mudgee Yearling Beef - Half Side

Grass Fed Mudgee Yearling Beef - Half Side

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Half Side Pack. Minimum 36kg just $728

Includes; Whole eye fillet x1, Scotch Fillet Steaks x 4, TBones Steaks x 4, Porterhouse Steaks x 4, Rump Steaks x 8, BBQ Blade Steaks x 4, Boneless Blade Steaks x 4, Round Steaks x 4, Osso Bucco, Rolled Roasts x2, Topside Roasts x2, Silverside Roasts x2, 4kg Diced Beef, 6kg Mince & 6kg Sausages. Plus offcuts that are trimmed off for soup or your pet.

Option to have the Topside Roast as Minute Steaks.

Pictured is the quarter side the half is double this pack.